Here's a flavour of my theatre work. I've had the privilege of writing many shows for  Joan Littlewood's world famous Theatre Royal, Stratford East. Other work has criss-crossed the the UK. Here's a question, what do Elvis, Frank Sinatra and me have in common? We've all played Las Vegas. One of my shows,'On Our Way to Lisbon' was performed at the Riviera in Sin City by the Isosceles Theatre Company. Anyhoo, enough of this. The pics below will show you the type of things I've done and the terrific actors I'v worked with.





                                                                           Marc Bannerman and Sally Oliver in Martina

                                                                                                    Cole's 'Two Women' Stratford East



                                                             Laura Howard and Cathy Murphy in 

                                                             Martina Cole's 'Two Women' Stratford East                


                                                                                                 James Clyde and Claire-Louise  Cordwell in

                                                                                                 Martina Cole's 'Dangerous Lady' Stratford



                                                              Jemma Walker and Neil Maskell in Martina Cole's

                                 'The Graft' Stratford East



             Robert McKewley Debbie Norman Jackie Downey  Yvonne Edgell Nina Wadia and Colin Gourley in 'Robin Hood' Stratford  East



Lynn Farleigh and Alan Ford in 'The Lodger' Stratford East                                                                                 



                 Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden in 'The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Changed My Life Forever'



                                                                Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden in 

                                                                'The Vampire and Mrs Riley'






   Jeff Teare Adam Price Lynn Whitehead Jonathan Coote and Debbie Norman in



The  complete plays      

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea * Baywatch Cymru * Blackboard Bungle * The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Chanhed My Life |Forever *  A Child of the Jago * The COHSE Show * Cut and Trust * Dangerous Lady * Dick Whittington * Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde * Dracula * Dracula the Panto * The Drowned Princesss * Fatty * The Graft  * Handsel and Gretel * The Haunters * Jack and the Beanstalk * On Our Way to Lisbon * Red Riding Hood * Red Riding Hood 2 * Revolting Peasants *  Robin Hood-The Panto.* Then Like My Dreams * The Turn of the Screw * Two Women * Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper * Mother Goose.

Tv and Radio

'The Hardest Wee Man in the World'  BBC Radio Four

'The Dizzy' BBC Radio Four

'The Video Man'  Channel Four

'Ha Ha Ha Bonk' Initial Television'