Welcome vampsmiths. Here's the place I'll keep you in touch with my scribblings and assorted adventures. I'll try to keep the thing up to date, but you know what's it 's  like  when you're a fearless vampire hunter. Always something to do. Sharpen the stakes, pour the holy water, buy the garlic. It's not easy fighting the undead, I tell you.



The holidays have screamed past. December and January were a series of domestic horrors. (Hint, viciously kicking a leaking radiator doesn't work) No work done but lots of plans bubbling quietly in what's left of my brain.



My latest Mina Harker vampfest has just been released as an ebook on


BLOODLUST 2: Vampire in Hollywood

A demon has come to the City of Angels. Mina Harker, vampire, cuts a scarlet swathe through Hollywood of the 1930s.

"Vermillion mouths traced down each side of her face. She could feel cool tongues flickering against her feverish skin..."

"The fair woman, helpless in the vampire's grip, her life-force being drained away. Soon she would be ready for the darkness..."



                    Published by Strumpet Books                          

                  Available on Amazon.


   Newsflash! The Hero is Back! 




My latest novel, a sequel to The Hellfire Club is now available as an ebook on Amazon 

In eighteenth century London, Bartholomew Steele, rake-hunter, hunts through the city of dreadful night to end the reign of terror brought about the Mohocks, a gang who bring horror to the capital. But a brooding house on Hampstead Heath has a secret that will end with Steele facing the most terrifying and demonic foe he has ever faced. At stake is the soul of every man, woman and child in the city.


                                         Published by Strumpet Books

                             Available on Amazon 







"Mina's red mouth brushed his cheek. Harker closed his eyes in anticipation. She drew her lips back slightly in a beast-like gesture which revealed the extended canines. Her mouth opened wider. It was then the sweet-rotten graveyard smell reached Harker..." 

Just re-released (Original title MINA) This tells how Mina Harker becomes one of the undead and brings terror to the streets of Victorian London 


             Published by Strumpet Books 


           Available on Amazon 


Just out, the latest Mina Harker novel;

Bloodlust 4: Vampire on the Hindenburg

Mina Harker, vampire, returns to haunt the night. Her reign of terror takes her from the Chicago of Al Capone to the last decadent days of the Weimar Republic, where she feasts in a city under the shadow of Adolf Hitler. Only one mortal has the knowledge to end her blood trail. The chase reaches a terrifying climax aboard the Hindenburg as the mighty airship sails towards the New World... 




"The beautiful face swam in Marta's vision. The luscious mouth closed on hers...She felt a jolt of sexual longing flood through her body. The revenant's erotic appeal began to overwhelm her defences. Even in thrawl to the sexual allure the mortal woman sensed an under-taste of something unclean. She made a token effort to push away the seductive being before her, but the spell was too strong. Her psychic barriers gave way as the hungry mouth moved down her cheek and onto her neck. Marta threw her head back in ecstasy as he body thrilled to the growing orgasm. The under-slip slid from her shoulders and the predatory mouth moved down to her bosom. Mina could hear the blood thundering through the firm tissue. The hunger became supreme. She sank the needle sharp incisors deep into the woman's flesh. In the room nothing was heard but the pain/pleasure moans of the helpless human as the vampire suckled at her breast..."









The third thrilling adventure in the Bartholomew Steele series 

Bartholomew Steele, rake-hunter, embarks on a deadly chase through the hell-holes of Georgian London in pursuit of the Scowrers, a gang who bring fear to the streets through a campaign of violence, rape and robbery. Only with the help of the blind magistrate of Bow Street, John Fielding, can Steele end their reign of terror.

This fast moving adventure will lead Bartholomew Steele to the Tower of London where he will meet foes that even redoubtable fighter has no hopes of defeating... 

                                           Strumpet Books


Bartholomew Steele and Mother Midnight's Daughters 


Bartholomew Steele is back!!!! The rake-hunter returns to face his deadliest foe. Investigating the grisly murder of a young woman he  makes an enemy of the mysterious Mother Midnight, who weaves a web of evil across London.

When Steele threatens her empire of terror she vows to  bring the boxer hell on earth...

Another thrilling tale  in the Bartholomew Steele series






 "Mother Midnight's face loomed close to his. It seemed to twist and writhe.

Her mouth opened in a crimson smile."

   'Enjoy Hell, Bartholomew Steele...'